Nathan Macek

Infrastructure Finance Director

Nathan Macek, AICP is HDR’s Infrastructure Finance Director. He brings more than 20 years of experience applying innovative approaches to budgetary challenges faced by public agencies. He has developed financial models to evaluate funding, alternative project delivery and financing for rail, transit and highway projects in the U.S., Europe, Caribbean and Middle East as well as performed cash flow modeling and uncertainty analysis of capital and operating funds for over two dozen transportation agencies. He is a specialist in developing financial plans supporting Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Investment Grant (CIG) applications for New Starts and Core Capacity projects, including ten projects awarded Full-Funding Grant Agreements with a total grant value of $12 billion.

Nathan develops and coordinates HDR’s domestic and international strategies for funding and financing-related advisory services. Services include financial feasibility assessment, financial planning and cash flow analysis, funding analysis, funding and grant strategy development, long-range financial planning, New/Small Starts and Core Capacity planning, privatization studies, public-private partnership strategy.

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